Senior Executive PrincipalMrs A Elliott
Head of AcademyMr T Bower
Assistant PrincipalMiss H Freeman
Business ManagerMrs D Kereisaite
Early Years LeadMrs A Mallon
Key Stage 1 LeadMiss C Henshaw
Key Stage 2 LeadMrs E McVeigh (0.6)
Safeguarding LeadMr T Bower
Deputy Safeguarding LeadsMrs C Unwin, Miss N Lowery, Mrs A Wood, Miss H Freeman
Phonics and Early Reading LeadMiss C Henshaw
Reading LeadMrs E McVeigh (0.6)
Writing LeadMiss H Freeman
Maths LeadMr O Wilkinson
Science LeadMrs K McDonagh, Mr T Bower

Teaching Staff

Foundation StageMrs A Mallon, Mrs E Meynell, Mrs K Goodall, Mrs H Hebden, Miss N Watson, Miss K Townend, Miss A Howitt
Year 1 Miss C Henshaw, Mrs J Davidson
Year 1/2Mr J Steers, Mrs M Trask
Year 2Mr J Lucas, Miss K Smith
Year 3Mrs K Wake, Miss B Pearman-Johnson
Year 3/4Mrs K McDonagh, Miss L Thorpe
Year 4Mrs V Beckitt, Mrs D Blessed
Year 5Mrs E McVeigh (0.6), Mrs R Gainer (0.4), Miss J Farquhar
Year 5/6Miss H Freeman, Miss A Armitage
Year 6Mr O Wilkinson, Miss J Hinman

Pastoral & Welfare

Family Support WorkerMrs A Wood
Student Welfare OfficerMrs C Unwin
Inclusion and Thrive LeadMiss N Lowery
Breakfast ClubMrs J Davidson, Mrs M Trask

School Administration

Business ManagerMrs D Kereisaite
Business Support AssistantMiss C Knight


Caretaker Mr T Stratton
Cleaning StaffMrs M Burton, Mrs A Crossley-Smith, Ms A Clayton

Lunchtime Staff

Midday Supervisory AssistantsMrs J Stables, Ms D McDowell
Kitchen Staff contracted via Mellors CateringMrs T Glazzard, Mrs P Howson, Miss S Heyes, Mrs S Stables